28 June 2017

Trying out some colour on our kitchen foil pieces this week at the Jakbox studio.

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Camden texture

21 June 2017

Another of our Camden texture abrasion rubbings that we've been doing over the last few weeks. 

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New textures

14 June 2017

We've been collecting some textures from the streets of Camden this week...

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Abrasion Rubbings Developed

7 June 2017

Here is a new test for our abrasion rubbings.

We've been pushing our foil and paint abrasion technique over the last few days, look out for us on the streets of Camden in the coming weeks! 

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Pavement Foils

25 January 2017

We've discored a new material this week, its a powder coated foil often used for photography, but we're been using it in a slightly less convential way... for taking moldings of the street! It pics up the details of texture beautifully and has a deep matt black colour that allows these sublte marks to become very noticeable.  

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30 July 2015

So you may be wondering where we’re going with all these posts on our social media about the human body, particularly the hands...

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The Manhole Covers of Camden

8 July 2015

How often do you look down when you’re walking through the streets of London?

When I started examining pavements for the rubbings, I realised how little attention I had paid to what was beneath me…

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Pavement Rubbings

6 July 2015

We’ve been busy in the JakBox studio recently! The Points of View project is almost complete and there are many new concepts and explorations that we’ve been working on.

One of these is an attempt to extract the texture and feel of the pavements into an object. We started off with doing simple rubbings using paper and crayons, however quickly realised that we wanted the works to have more life, more tactility…

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