Biggest foil yet!

10 October 2017

 Here's a sneak peak of our largest foil yet being made. We'll be out on the street tomorrow doing the rubbing, so look out for us on the streets of Camden!

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28 June 2017

Trying out some colour on our kitchen foil pieces this week at the Jakbox studio.

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Camden texture

21 June 2017

Another of our Camden texture abrasion rubbings that we've been doing over the last few weeks. 

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New textures

14 June 2017

We've been collecting some textures from the streets of Camden this week...

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Abrasion Rubbings Developed

7 June 2017

Here is a new test for our abrasion rubbings.

We've been pushing our foil and paint abrasion technique over the last few days, look out for us on the streets of Camden in the coming weeks! 

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The Manhole Covers of Camden

8 July 2015

How often do you look down when you’re walking through the streets of London?

When I started examining pavements for the rubbings, I realised how little attention I had paid to what was beneath me…

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Exploring the Urban Landscape

27 March 2015

A glimpse of movement, walking as a form of art & digital driving into reality

This week in the JakBox studio we’ve been working on the Points of View project, with many exciting things underway. As well as wandering around Camden in search of more ‘points’ that give an unexpected perspective on our environment, we’ve been doing some research into other artists that have used the urban landscape as inspiration for their work.

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