In order to get in touch with the way we interact with the space around us, we want our viewers to feel through their optical sensors. To imagine where is being felt, what is being reached for and where they may be wandering to. Hands are busy objects, and communicate vastly and subconsciously as we go about our daily lives. The movements and indicators that go with our conversations and the things they attract and toy with are all of interest to us.

What would you think if you spotted a hand with no body? This peculiar instance brings question and concern to a person. This is our aim; we want to intrigue, promote discussion, and catch the eyes of Londoners, helping them to peer out towards and examine spaces that may have gone a miss in previous times. How can we negotiate with the experience formed in a space with the addition of a single hand?

First things first though, how to make these little gems?!

We’ve been casting our own hands up in the studio to get an idea of how detailed we may get them; what size we’re working with; how lifelike can they seem; and what really is the best method of reproducing them on mass?

Here’s a couple of shots of our latest mod-rock collection...

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