This mixture is difficult to control, much like nature and the organic quality these substances hold individually.

There is however a method to these paintings, a system if you will; in which a plug is used to hold the weighty potion on top of the paper’s surface while the grains make ramps and barriers in preparing for the draining.

Beautiful cob-web veins form as the liquid dispenses through the central point, drawing a natural focal point to the pieces. Each piece seeming unique in its physical/visual qualities, the challenge is to find a strong ratio of mixture, and dispersal method.

This project is in progress; where heavier papers are currently being tested and dirt continues to be sieved.

A debate on the presentation of both artwork and it’s framing is ongoing, yet the clarity and sheer satisfying outcome of the boarder of these pieces on the paper alone allows the work to stand alone like a black hole, it’s scale seeming irrelevant.

Like a natural disaster these organic forms can be viewed in different lights. The simplicity of the idea has been developed both conceptually and in it’s physicality, regenerated by different hands and substances. 

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