ON SALE NOW! Number 29 of Unlimited Edition

ON SALE NOW! Number 29 of Unlimited Edition

Unlimited Edition is a witty commentary on the economics of the contemporary arts world. It disregards the fluctuating forces of the art market to propose its own financial appreciation in strict increments of pounds sterling equivalent to its edition/number in the series.

The value of the piece will be determined by its popularity, its price inflating only as a result of public endorsement, not shifting markets.

Unlimited Edition is infinitely available but will only be produced on demand. Each edition will be signed by the artist.

ON SALE NOW is Number 29.

According to USA Today, 29% of married couples share a toothbrush.

The Human skull is made up of 29 bones.

Seven straight cuts through a pizza can divide it into as many as 29 pieces.

It would take 29 million years for a car travelling 100 miles per hour to reach the nearest star.

There are 29 letters in the Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian alphabets.

The odds of being born on 29th February are 1 in 1461.


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