Pavement Rubbings

Pavement Rubbings

After some research we came across the technique called Frottage, a surrealist and ‘automatic’ method of creative production that involves creating a rubbing of a textured surface using a pencil or other drawing material.

We begun by covering a piece of paper with crayon, and then painting over it with acrylic. Outside, we laid it on a section of pavement and rubbed over the sheet with a blunt knife. The results were interesting, but still didn’t have the energy that we were looking for.

We attempted other techniques using paper. This experiment involved painting a sheet with a thin layer of acrylic and then wetting our hands and rubbing over the pavement through the paper. Again, the outcome didn’t have the feel we wanted; however when we turned it over we were amazed! On the back of the paper was a strong imprint of the pavement, leading to our realisation that we wanted the works to have a great intensity of pattern and texture yet be subtle in their depiction of this.

After a bit more thinking we decided to try and create a direct cast of the pavement. Using household silicone, we begun experimenting with the material…

The pieces seemed to have this quite grubby aesthetic that we didn’t like, and so we attempted the process using black silicone.

We love the intensity yet silence that these casts have, they’re bold but delicate and have a very strange and endearing quality. After all the experimentation we think we might have cracked it, can you guess what the next step for JakBox is? 

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