Pavement Series

Pavement Series

The systems are tainted by the overlay of lines, where patterns form and natural wearing occurs. In its found state, JakBox have aimed to preserve the worn path, and save it from it’s assumed context.

Everyday silicone laid on these everyday surfaces, acts like a swab, forming a sample or negative where a trace of an instance is preserved.

The oblong shaped dark windows placed in monochrome settings give off the feeling of an image in the process of developing. They hang, flexibly rippling when movement is near, definition of detail becoming more apparent in the change of lighting. This collection will feature in JakBox’s first solo show at the beginning of February 2016, featured besides two other projects complimenting one another.

The success of the Pavement Series is in the findings we collect; each area documented by the media is an expression of a place. It is the voice of the designers versus our desperate search to bring forth what has become unseen.   

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