Peeling Pavements

Peeling Pavements

This latest duo have been bonding with the pavement and making replicas of not only the grafting and composition of the ground, but also the marks left by others working on the site. You can see the vibrant colours fading in and contributing to the life of the streets. The multi-purpose ground that we walk on is in itself a work of art, one that can be shared multiple times over.

The diagonal placing of the silicone is intentional in order to experiment with hanging techniques and whether we want to present them as supplements of the street, or whether this re-angling will assist the viewer in visualizing a journey themself. This abstract composition like tetris pieces link up the pavement and present themselves as coming apart, as though there is something beneath, unwritten, or unfolding, lying bare but hidden from view.

Having been mixing the silicone prior to applying with corn flour, we have found a method of achieving a matt surface; this does however appear to have made easier the combining of natural surface colouring and silicone. The chalk-like surface now seems cold, frozen like a sample or preserved instance.

The patterns are determined by the layout of the streets as they stand. We did not have any inclusion in the planning of the pavements, hence the compositions that we have chosen, were predominantly found aesthetically pleasing, and have been inverted and made negative.  The logos and featuring text are reversed, have been made a copy of, and from here we are able to revert again by taking a mold of this mold to replicate exactly the pavement as seen. There is a distortion in the featured details, not ours for use, but used publicly; in contact with all, but not to be contacted. 

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