London Live Feature

6 December 2017

Excitingly London Live paid a visit to the Jakbox studio in November – check out their piece and see Simon Williams discuss the inspiration for this latest collection of work.

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One / Two Exhibition

JakBox One/Two is the second major exhibition of Simon’s work.  As the name suggests, it will be presented in two stages. Jakbox One opens at the end of the month and JakBox Two will take place early in the New Year.

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Under The Hammer 17/17: Shatter

7 August 2017

All good things come to an end.

After 17 weeks of auctions, it is the end of UNDER THE HAMMER, the artistic concept conceived by Simon Williams and run by the Jakbox Studio. Each week Simon has created a new [Un]original piece of art inspired by famous artists. 8 artworks out of 16 have been sold so far and the 8 others have been destroyed.

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Under The Hammer 16/17: Dots

31 July 2017

Inspirited by Hirst’s series “Spot paintings” , this week’s UNDER THE HAMMER artwork is the most original (Un)original of the collection! Simon Williams tracked down a man named Damien Hirst and asked him to randomly colour circles on a sheet of paper and then sign it. An authentic Damien Hirst!

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Under The Hammer 15/17: Sidestep

24 July 2017

Simon Williams has decided for this week's UNDER THE HAMMER to put the sculptor Richard Long in the spotlight. Long is one of the most well-known British land artists. Land art (Earth art, environmental art or Earthworks) is an artistic movement that emerged in the 60’s-70’s predominantly in Britain and North America. It is made in a natural environment or stages natural elements and material.

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Under The Hammer 14/17: Cycle Path

17 July 2017

UNDER THE HAMMER presents you “Cycle path”, William’s [Un]original for week 14, inspired by the Boyle Family, a group of collaborative artists (wife, husband and children). They are best known for their Earth studies; highly accurate casts of randomly selected surfaces.

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Under The Hammer 13/17: Graffiti Theft

10 July 2017

For Under The Hammer’s thirteenth week, Simon Williams takes his inspiration from the American artist Robert Rauschenberg (October 22, 1925 – May 12, 2008). He was a prolific innovator of techniques and mediums and he practiced, among other things, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, papermaking, collage and performance.

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Under The Hammer 12/17: Reflecting

3 July 2017

This week’s (Un)original is inspired by the German fine art photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. Known for his investigation into the photographic mediums foundations and his innovative use of space in his photographic installations, he was the first photographer and also the first non-British person, to win the Turner Prize.

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Under The Hammer 11/17: Reunite

26 June 2017

This week’s (Un)original is inspired by the Swiss electronic musician Dieter Meier, notably known for Yello, a band that he created with Boris Blank. Meier is also a conceptual artist and through this week’s UNDER THE HAMMER artwork, Simon Williams is sharing with you one of his favourite Dieter Meier’s work.

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