Under The Hammer 9/17: Flats By The Railway

12 June 2017

Williams decided to dedicate this week’s UNDER THE HAMMER [Un]original to Edward Hopper; a famous American realist painter from the twentieth century, especially known for his oil painting (he was also a printmaker). Hopper put a lot of interpretation in his work, painting his own reality – Boredom and empty cityscape. He was fascinated by the American urban scene and urban architecture and cityscapes were to influence most of his work.

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Under The Hammer 8/17: Shit

5 June 2017

For UNDER THE HAMMER’s seventh week [Un]original, Simon Williams took his inspiration from the famous act of defiant mockery of the art world, artists, and criticism, the piece Artist's shit (merda d’artista) by Piero Manzoni; An Italian artist known for his ironic approach to avant-garde art.

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Under The Hammer 7/17: Burnt Yellow

29 May 2017

Burnt Yellow the new [Un]original realised by Simon William for UNDER THE HAMMER thisweek, is inspired by Yves Klein’s work. Klein is a famous French post war artist (50’s). He isnotably known for his monochrome of the color of an intense blue of his own, known as the International Klein Blue: IKB

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Under The Hammer 6/17: Pool

22 May 2017

UNDER THE HAMMER is offering you this week the chance to buy Pool. For this [Un]original piece, Simon took his inspiration from the early 80’s David Hockney photo collage series Joiners made up of polaroid photographs.

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Under The Hammer Week 5/17: Body

15 May 2017

For the fifth successive week, we are putting a new artwork under the hammer. This week’s [Un]original is inspired by Antony Gormley’s moulds of his own body.

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